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Luxury Garment Brushes

Luxury Garment Brushes

Using a garment brush is an excellent way to keep your clothes clean and well maintained. In fact, garment brushes are essential to the proper care of your wardrobe. By brushing your suit jackets, trousers and sweaters before and after use, you can safely remove any embedded lint or dust without having to afford costly laundering that will damage your clothes over time.

Natural bristle brushes are the best because they have more “give” than synthetic brushes. They are more gentle on fabrics and will remove built-up lint and dust without scratching or wearing down delicate fabrics. Good, natural bristle brushes are more expensive than synthetic brushes, but they will last a lifetime and ensure your wardrobe is maintained and protected after prolonged use. Another inferior option is the adhesive lint roller, which uses sheets of sticky paper to lift debris from fabric. These can leave behind an adhesive residue that will actually attract lint and dust to your best clothes.

Natural bristle garment brushes are imperative because they “brush into” the fibers of fabric in the same way a vacuum cleaner cleans carpet (although much more gently). Not only do garment brushes keep your fabrics clean, but they are necessary to keep them looking fresh by “fluffing” the pile of fabric.

Garment brushes will feature either a long handle or rectangular back and come in varying bristle shapes and densities. Depending on the nature of fabric you are brushing, one might prefer to use a rectangular or round brush with more or less give. Always lightly brush out a garment before or after use to ensure your clothes are clean and sustain a good lifespan.

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